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How to hold the Design Meeting of the Estimation of degree of risk

Meeting of the Estimation of degree of risk – the important part of any project. Projects are begun to exploit possibilities, and with these possibilities there arrives uncertainty and risk. The meeting of the Estimation of degree of risk allows a design command to identify, kategorizirovat’, to have on priorities, and to soften or avoid these risks in good time. The command uses this meeting to define probability and influence of each risk, to define, whether it is possible to avoid it, making changes in the project, to plan the corresponding answer, and then to catalogue risks and answers in the Risk Register.
The meeting should be the formal meeting spent during process of planning of the project. It is obligatory, that the manager of projects has sent meeting invitation and the agenda to all visitors it is good in good time. It allows meeting time of participants to consider that will be discussed and will note any risks which they, probably, already identified. At least, the following should be invited to a meeting of an estimation of degree of risk; the Manager of projects, Key Design Participants of the Command, Key Interested persons, Experts in the Subject and Probably design Sponsor. You should allow two – three hours for a meeting.
At first the command identifies risks for the project. The most effective method for group to identify them uses Crawford Slipa’s method. For Crawford Slipa’s method to each participant hand over a number of sticky pillows to write their risks. The manager of projects gives to participants ten minutes to write so many risks as they can on sticky pillows. As soon as khronometrist specifies that ten minutes have expired, the manager of projects directs participants to stop.
Each risk should be declared in to finish the offer which declares the reason of risk, risk, and the affect, which risk has on the project (keywords, such as: “because of” or “because”). For example the risk can be declared as; “as the performance command is unfamiliar with metodologiyami project managements of the organisations, time carry out processes of the organisations in Project management System can to occupy more time than the planned delay of generation to the list.
Then the command kategoriziruet also identifies double risks, creating the affinity diagramme. Classification facilitates to identify double risks and actions, to cause to define additional risks. After ten-minute identification train, the manager of projects will facilitate a command in classification of each risk. The effective method for this purpose should send sticky notes on the big section of a wall where the meeting chair has sent categories on sticky papers. Participants then place the risks in a wall below a corresponding category. As they identify duplicates, they attach duplicates from above another. As new risks are identified, the meeting registrar writes to them on additional sticky papers. Once finish a category which it falls under, it will be known each risk on its sticky paper miss.
Now has come to qualify time risks. On the big section of a wall place the manager of projects will create area, that kartirovat’ risks according to probability and influence. Using the sticky papers listed from one to ten, manager of projects will create a vertical axis for probability and a horizontal axis for influence.
Participants will send risks on a wall in an approximate site where the probable probability and influence for that risk are crossed (subjective based on the person sending risk). As soon as all risks are sent a command as the group will consider a site of risks on the diagramme and will make any final regulators. As soon as the site for all risks is decided that the registrar will write probability for each risk in the top left corner of a sticky paper and influence in the top correct corner. Risks which are located in high probability and high area falling rockets (the top most right section of the diagramme) will be separated from other risks for closer examination and planning. Only these risks with the account of high risk will demand additional work.
For risks which have been identified with the account of high risk, participants will define trigger mechanisms or the reasons and identify answers for these risks. Answers can include: risk addition to the design plan and planning for this purpose; addition financing to the project (as a risk stock) to soften any potential increase in expenses, adding resources to the project (as a stock) to soften any potential shortage in the appointed resources; development of a course of action to avoid risk; or risk acceptance.
After a meeting the Manager of projects will enter into all risks, set of influence of probability, and answers in the risk register (notice that only risks of the account of high risk have answers). High risks of a prize will be added to the Project management Plan. The Risk register also will be included as the appendix in the Project management Plan. In addition, risks with the high account will be added to the design list as a method to trace risk during correct time. Though these risks are added to the list, the list is not necessarily changed. This step should provide understanding and visibility to participants of all high risks of a prize everywhere on lifecycle the project.

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